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Saturday, August 25, 2012

My precious cat died. I miss her so much!

Pictures of my beloved cat. My oldest cat, Little Kat, died on August 23. It came out of nowhere. She threw a blood clot. I’m devastated. All I’ve done since then is cry. I miss her so much. I’m going to buy a concrete memorial cat statue to put near her grave. I have pretty flowers near her grave, right now. She is buried near a beautiful Cedar Tree. 
I have two other cats, Pumpkin and Pepper, and they keep looking for her. It is breaking my heart.  
Thankfully, I have several pictures of Little Kat and I also have several videos of her. It’s a comfort. 


  1. Solidarity Julie. We just lost one of our little cats. Pippin, a stray we took in on Christmas day gone. Little cat who left a big hole for the short time he was with us.

    Peter. Fizgerald-Morris

  2. Thank you, Peter. I'm so sorry for your loss. Pippin sounds like a wonderful cat. I love that he came into your life on Christmas Day. Yes, they do leave a big hole.

    Little Kat was a stray, as well. We found her in our barn. She became a house cat right away. :) I miss her so much.


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